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Rachael donates her wedding ring to raise money to reach Nicaraguans for Christ

My desire:

Brian and I are missionaries in Nicaragua.  God has been so good to us in our growing ministries. Many of you know, to minister in a poor country can be very expensive and because of many of you in the past who have given generously, we have been able to buy properties and build churches.  But Gods work continues to grow and so do our financial needs.  We were on furlough trying to raise one million dollars just to accomplish our present needs of church properties and building projects.  So we have asked you to give and to give sacrificially to “The Cause”.

After reading the book, “Crazy Love” I was convicted that I should and could be doing more.  I was out running one day and asking God to show me how I could give my all.  I was wishing I had something of value that I could sell and be the first to give to our Million Dollar Project, but I own nothing, except my wedding ring.  I felt so excited with the idea that God had given me that I ran back to Brian and shared that I wanted to auction it off to raise money for our projects.  I can't take my ring with me when I die, but with its value we can impact a nation for what really matters.

If God could transform a few fish and loaves of bread to feed thousands, I know He can take my ring and do the same.

We don’t have much more time on earth and there are still so many people that have not heard about Jesus.  Let's do something about it!


Rachael Weed

Missionary in Nicaragua


"I would like to raise at least $40,000 for the ring. I know it is valued at less than that, but


the point is not the ring, it is reaching the lost for Christ.


Whomever buys the ring is receiving a token as a reminder of the land that will be purchased for a church. Everyday that you look at your ring you will be reminded that on that new church property souls will be reached and lives changed until Christ comes back. I think it is a worthy investment."

~Rachael Weed

Lindsey ladies donate their jewelry to raise money to support the work in Nicaragua

From Marcia Lindsey, Pastor's wife in Missouri:



The ring was my mothers which I inherited in 1993. I wore it for many years and it always brought me much pleasure because of its beauty and because of the love I had for her. I always had the feeling similar to Rachael that this was the one thing of value that I had to give to The Lord but over the years always talked myself out of giving it to a particular cause whatever it might have been. Then when Rachael gave her ring I thought this is it. They will use it to see many come to Christ and I gave it to Rachael with no hesitation. It gave me such joy. And now every time I look at my hand and see the mark on my finger where the ring once was, I think how happy my mother would be to have her ring go to see souls saved. I know whoever buys it will love it for the same reason.

-Marcia Lindsey



From Theresa Lindsey, Pastor's wife in Oklahoma:



My husband purchased this ring guard for me on our 5th wedding Anniversary! I had always had the intention of having my original ring placed in it, but never got around to it! I've always had a burden for mission, so much so our family that our family has been on goes several mission trips to Nicaragua! Upon hearing what Rachael did, it just made sense to donate the ring guard that never fulfilled its purpose! Instead if sitting in my jewelry box collecting dust, it can be used to change souls for Christ! It's my privilege to give this small token in exchange to see God's kingdom multiplied! Love u guys and keep up the great work your doing in Nicaragua!

-Theresa Lindsey